About the OeAWI

Areas of activity of the Austrian Agency

for Research Integrity


Mission Statement

The OeAWI raises awareness for the Standards of Good Scientific Practice among researchers as well as the general public.

The Agency strengthens responsibility in research and ensures the observance of the respective guidelines.

Its activities focus on investigating and preventing misconduct in research, not on imposing sanctions for misconduct.


How does the OeAWI work?

Most important to the OeAWI’s activities is ensuring Good Scientific Practice in Austrian higher education and research.

The services of the OeAWI comprise individual advising, prevention workshops as well as training programs for established and early stage researchers strengthening their sense of GSP. Additionally, the Commission for Research Integrity is engaged in investigating alleged violations of GSP.

Tasks of the OeAWI

  • Prevention
  • Advising
  • Training
  • Investigation
  • National and international networking

How is the OeAWI organized?


The Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI) was established as an Association in 2008. The Association has now more than 50 member institutions, including all Austrian public universities, universities of applied sciences, various non-university research institutions and research funding agencies.

The Agency is mainly funded by its membership fees.


Full Members

  • Universities
  • Universities of applied sciences
  • Non-university research institutions
  • Research funding agencies

Associate Members

Administrative Office

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