a new Horizon 2020 project with participation of the OeAWI


SOPs4RI – a new Horizon 2020 project on research integrity with participation of the OeAWI

Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI)

A new four-year project (2019-2022) funded by the European Commission aims to develop an online, freely accessible and easy-to-use toolbox with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines to help research performing organizations and research funding organizations to enhance research integrity. SOPs4RI aims to stimulate transformational processes across European Research Performing Organizations and Research Funding Organizations (RPOs & RFOs). The objective of SOPs4RI is to promote good research practices that align with the principles and norms of the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.


SOPs4RI will thus create a toolbox with SOPs and Guidelines that are sensitive to organizational, disciplinary and national differences. When working with Research Integrity Promoting Plans, RPOs and RFOs should be able to find SOPs and Guidelines in the toolbox that can be directed towards their specific organizational and disciplinary needs. Examples of what the toolbox may include are procedures for training in research integrity, procedures for dealing with issues of research misconduct, guidelines for Open Science (open data, open access etc.), guidelines for responsible reward systems, and guidelines for quality assurance, transparency and reliability (peer review procedures, preregistration of protocols, etc.).


The SOPs and Guidelines will be created in collaboration with key stakeholder groups and through a wide-ranging empirical research process. Empirical elements of SOPs4RI include comprehensive literature reviews, 20 expert interviews, a three-round Delphi survey with 100+ research integrity experts, 32 focus group interviews across academic disciplines, a survey of researchers across 31 countries, and four co-creation workshops with research integrity officers and administrators as well as other stakeholders.


In addition to this research and development program, SOPs4RI also includes a pilot testing program in which selected RPOs and RFOs will apply the SOPs and Guidelines in local practices. A number of public and private research funding organizations as well as university networks have confirmed their willingness to participate in the pilot phase. Results of this final step of the validation procedure will feed into the final version of SOPs and Guidelines.


SOPs4RI began in January 2019 and the final version of the toolbox will be ready in the autumn of 2022.


The project can be followed on or on Twitter: @sops4ri