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The OeAWI warmly welcomes the new members

23. August 2021

FH Burgenland, FH Salzburg and Webster Vienna Private University become full members

Three institutions have been accepted as full members of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity shortly.   FH Burgenland and FH Salzburg from 1.8.2021 on, as well as Webster University Wien from 7.7.2021 on. Die The OeAWI warmly welcomes the new members and thus the further support in its attempts to promote research integrity. Below, the new member organizations are briefly introduced.

Full members

University of Applied Sciences Burgenland


FH Burgenland offers various Bachelor´s and Master´s degree programmes with its two campuses in Eisenstadt and Pinkafeld in five different areas: Business Studies, Information Technology, Energy and Environment, Health and Social Work.

As a strong regional university with an intercultural perspective, FH Burgenland also focuses on its innovation an research activities. The individual support of their students is a priority for them.


More information about FH Burgenland


University of Applied Sciences Salzburg


FH Salzburg offers 18 Bachelor´s, as well as 12 Master´s degree programmes and variouseducation courses with its sites in Urstein, Kuchl, Schwarzach and Salzburg. They are anchored in the following four disciplines: Engineering, Business and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, as well as Design, Media and Arts.

Alongside its focus on innovation in research and teaching, FH Salzburg fosters a campus culture open to entrepreneurship, to enhance the vigor and development of their students.


More information about FH Salzburg


Webster Vienna Private University


Webster Vienna Private University is part of the international network of Webster University on 4 continents and focuses its research activities on the following areas: Business and Management, International Relations, Media Communications und Psychology. The private university offers various Bachelor´s and Master´s degree programmes to their students in these disciplines.

Through the connection of highest expectations towards teaching and research, and a focus on teaching practise oriented skills Webster Private University wants to cultivate a concept of  Global Citizenship on its campus.


More information about Webster Vienna Private University

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