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The OeAWI warmly welcomes two new members


PH Niederösterreich and FH Wiener Neustadt become full members

By January 2021, the University of Education Niederösterreich (PH NÖ) and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FH Wiener Neustadt) have become member organizations of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity. The OeAWI warmly welcomes the new members and thus the further support in its attempts to promote research integrity. Below, the new member organizations are briefly introduced.

PH Niederösterreich


The PH Niederösterreich is an applied institution of higher eduction anchored in Baden, Hollabrunn and Melk and is charged with teacher training in the state of Lower Austria.

As an applied research institution, the PH Niederösterreich teaches and researches science- and evidence-based teaching and learning in primary to secondary education. Thus, the PH NÖ translates scientific research into the training, further education, and postgraduate training of qualified teachers. Besides cooperation with different education and research institutions, the PH NÖ focuses on research-based quality development in teaching and research, the development and facilitation of the pedagogy of migration, or the research on and development of competences in digitalisation.


More information about PH NÖ


University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt


Die University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt (FH Wiener Neustadt) is the largest university of applied sciences in Lower Austria and combines practice-oriented training, international networking and innovative research.

The FH Wiener Neustadt is located in Wiener Neustadt, Tulln, Wieselburg and in cooperation with the Rudolfinerhaus in Vienna. At the moment, the FH Wiener Neustadt offers 37 Bachelor- and Master-studies in German and partly Englisch language across the faculties Business, Engineering, Health, Sport and Security.

The FH Wiener Neustadt aspires after the highest quality in both teaching and research and combines those in applied research and research-based training. The FH Wiener Neustadt therefore applies a strong practical approach in order to secure that students are optimally prepared for future challenges in professional life.


More information about FH Wiener Neustadt

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