Good scientific practice wants to be discussed


What are the lectures
of the OeAWI about?

The OeAWI focuses on raising awareness for Good Scientific Practice among researchers and the general public.

To this end, the Agency offers lectures on different topics of research integrity.

The lectures provide a good overview of the field with the express purpose of increasing and sharpening the understanding of Good Scientific Practice.

Depending on your requirements, the lectures are delivered in German or English.

Possible Lecture Topics

Research Integrity
  • Agency for Research Integrity
  • International developments
  • Good Scientific Practice (GSP)
  • Research misconduct, questionable and unacceptable research practices
  • Data management
  • Publication and authorship
  • Responsibility of supervisors, early stage researchers and institutions
Research Integrity in Austria and Abroad
  • Agency for Research Integrity
  • Pan-European comparison of national structures concerning research integrity
  • National and international networks
  • National and international guidelines
Further topics

Custom-made lecture topics are possible upon prior consultation


Is your organization interested
in a lecture of the OeAWI?

Feel free to contact us.

The OeAWI is interested in opportunities to promote Good Scientific Practice. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and make an appointment to discuss possible formats and dates.


Dr. Nicole Foeger

Head of the Administrative Office

Advising and Training

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