Good Scientific Practice must be lived


Professional Development

The Agency aims to prevent questionable and unacceptable research practices (including research misconduct). Raising awareness for the Standards of Good Scientific Practice and offering relevant professional development are central to its activities.

The OeAWI is project partner in the EU-project VIRT2UE, which is developing a pan-European Train-the-Trainer program to facilitate research ethics and research Integrity.

Learn more about VIRT2UE.

Topics of the lectures, workshops and the Train-the-Trainer program

  • Agency for Research Integrity
  • Good Scientific Practice
  • Data Management
  • Citation and Plagiarism
  • Publication and Authorship
  • Responsibility of supervisors, early stage researchers and institutions

What the OeAWI does?

Member institutions and non-members can avail themselves of the lectures, workshops and Train-the-Trainer programs the OeAWI offers. The educational activities of the ÖAWI cover various topics of research integrity, yet they all aim to promote Good Scientific Practice (GSP).

All formats are offered in German or English.


Didactic Approach

Raising awareness for research integrity and fostering a sense of individual responsibility are top priorities of the OeAWI training programs. In this spirit, the didactic concepts have been developed to fit the working reality of research and at the same time, to build on the knowledge and skills of the participants. OeAWI’s programs rely on evidence-based, didactic methods and aim to stimulate active and reflective engagement with Good Scientific Practice (GSP).


The team of trainers


Do you consider taking up an offer of the OeAWI?

Is your institution a member of the OeAWI?

Participation in any training programs of the OeAWI is free of charge for member institutions.

Is your institution not a member of the OeAWI?

Participation in any training programs of the OeAWI is fee-based for non-member institutions. We gladly answer your questions concerning a possible membership.

If you have any questions to the formats and possible dates, do not hesitate to ask and contact us to make an appointment.


Dr. Nicole Foeger

Managing Director of the OeAWI,

Advising and Training